I gave raiding a chance

I really did. I think I have every boss down on normal, quite a few on heroic, I don’t count the heroic Archimonde kill since I paid for it. I did the fight I guess, but when most are double or triple your numbers, you’re just along for the ride. 

I gave it my best. But I cannot handle the level of complexity. It’s to much. Multiple sets of gear based on fights, swapping talents based on fights, sitting half the night waiting on people to fill the group. I can’t do it any more. 

I don’t know if I even want to bother maxing out the ring any more. Kill Arch 14 more times? Or more Mythic dungeons than I care to do for Valor?  No. I’m finished. The carrot was dangled. I took a few bites. But have found it to be not what I hoped it would. 

For all that can keep going. Can keep working on it. /salute. I just can’t any more. When I want to not even log in to play because there is a raid then that’s a problem for me. 

With how I have felt about raiding since Heart of Fear, how the design of more and more things to track, things to be dispelled, multiple targets, interrupts, constant movement. It has pushed me beyond my tolerance for visuals. And it is no longer even a tiny bit enjoyable. 

Legion will see me once again doing a clear of LFR, and that will be it. I will not partake of long drawn out legendary or artifact quest lines that coerce people into raiding higher levels any more. I will take what ever I can get from doing things I enjoy. 

And raiding is no longer one of them. 

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