I’m just me. I’m a 65%

I’m just me. I’ve been many people over a lifetime. A son, a husband, a kid, teenager, young adult, and I am a gamer. I’ve played video games, board games, card games, mental puzzles, games against others, and against myself. 

I use to look for new things to try, played collectable card games of all sorts my friends were playing, miniature games of all types. If I ever thought to add up all I have spent in a life time I would probably have a stroke. 

What I have faced prior to playing World of Warcraft was competing against others with deep pockets. Yes skill can play a great part in winning or losing. But when faced against others with entire decks custom made to beat near anything, or people with the best armies, etc. it left me with a bad taste. Why play something if just throwing money at it meant you could beat the majority of people. And slowly I left all of those games behind. 

So now I play WoW. I have for 6 1/2 years. You are your own limitation. If you put in the work you can have all you want. Yes I do see fault in being able to go to the store and buy gold to purchase a carry for great gear. It does not make you a better player. Just that you had cash that many others do not, and you paid a group to carry you through. I paid for a mount. I am still on the fence about it and how I feel. But it was very important to me. And it is not exactly game breaking. Except for one detail. I have a Ahead of the Curve heroic achievement. I could link it to get into groups. I did do the fight. I did live for the fight, I did not stand afk off to the side. But I will not use it. Because I did not work for weeks with a group fighting my way to the top. I completed 65%

When I look at sites to see how I compare to others I’m about 65%. Could I push myself harder to be better?  Possibly. I might be able to get that one more down. Might get that one more fight. But I’ve reached the point where I don’t want to. 

One thing I learned competing against others was that there always has to be a winner. Just as there has to be a loser. When you are at the top. And you are the one winning you don’t tend to notice things. You don’t see the people walk away. The ones that reach that breaking point where they just leave for good. Eventually there are only a few people left. The people that played to win, but forgot that in order to do so, others need to play. 

I know at some point in my late teens I was good. I was the kid that forced arcades to push the difficulty settings on games just that little bit harder because they were losing money. I saw one day as I played a game a kid standing by. He had placed his quarter on the machine to be next. On a bad day I could play for 20 minutes on one quarter. My best was near an hour. There was no end on many games back then. There was pushing until you hit the max level of difficulty and it just became a fight. You against the computer. The computer had an advantage because eventually you would make one small mistake. 

So I saw this kid. Maybe 9 or 10 years old watching and waiting. I heard him ask would I be done soon. And made a choice. I had I don’t even know how many extra lives I had 20? 30?  I am turned to this kid and said do you want to take over?  Oh I’m sure he may not have lasted very long. But I am sure also he got to put his name on the top 10 list. Letting someone else play. That had meaning. Not excluding someone. 

And that’s why WoW works at its most fundamental level. It doesn’t matter how good you are. Whether you clear mythic without thought. It’s that you can play. 

I may only be a 65%. But the most important thing is I play up to that 65%. And when I hit that wall. I find other things to do. I have not walked away because I am done. I have stayed because there is still much to do. Even if it is only 65% of the game. 

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