So beta for Legion may be soon



All interested should be prepared to offer a sacrifice to the Keymaster.




Some will be unprepared.





Some will be lucky and get an invite.





Many many others will not.






For those that brag and point to folks saying, ha ha, I got in, you didn’t.  This is for you.





Because a great many people really do desire to be in there and will be very sad.




We have all started to get on the movie hype train








Ok.  Enough images will I was eating.

What will the upcoming beta mean for me?

Absolutely nothing.

One thing I noticed while looking up images, was that people have been treating and calling what they have been in Beta.  It was Alpha testing.  I don’t want to argue, over interpretations, or labels.  Closed Alpha, Beta, Friends and Family, P.R., or a carrot to keep high profile people happy. It has been out there for quite awhile, and it has gotten a lot of exposure.  I have not looked at anything beyond patch notes for class changes.  And even those I skim because they are months from being final.

The Beta will open up for a large group, my Facebook, Twitter, and forums I read will fill with mountains of information, both good, and bad, and it will be near impossible to avoid.  And this time around I really do want to avoid it all. I had read so much leading into Draenor, especially the Garrison feature.  And I felt like it fell short of what was written early on.  So this time, I am just going to ignore what’s coming as best I can.  Hopefully we won’t have the final cinematic data mined before the first tier has been released.  Everyone is in such a rush to be the first.  And you know what?  After a few years of having content thrown at me before I even have a chance to download the game, I am leaning towards treating web sites that do so like I do telemarketers that call at 7am on a Sunday.  If you want to be the first, to get it out before even Blizzard can put it up, then go right ahead.  And while you are at it, scratch off one supporter for your web site.  There are dozens all clamoring to be the next big information site.  The one(s) that treat the information respectfully, releasing when they are informed they can, not being the ones in a mad rush to spoil the surprise for all will get my clicks from now on.

Even if I come home one day and find a beta key, I will not be using it.  I am not the person to test things.  And I most certainly will not be using it as a means to get an inside look to plan out the fastest leveling course, or ways to get ahead of everyone else.  I look at what having a general idea of Draenor did for me.  Completed the majority of the outdoor content before all the wings of LFR were open on the first tier.  I’m taking my time.  Seeing what there is, and everyone else can rush right past me.  I will catch up in a year, when you all have finished everything and are bored.

So if you do get one, treat it as it is meant to be.  Test things, break things, report things.  Don’t use it as a means to get more twitch subs.



2 thoughts on “So beta for Legion may be soon

  1. Heh, felt like an imgur picture dump for a while there.

    I’m in a similar mind space as you. I don’t want to have the entire X-Pack spelled out for me before I log in on day 1. Though, I am VERY interested how the class specs are shaping up.

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