I find that offensive 

Strike that. Because everyone now an days has something to be offended about. I don’t play any game to the level that many do. I’m happy now just clearing LFR, or maybe some normal, that I have completed more than half of Heroic is an amazement to me. And we are still working at it. 

Everyday I skim comments and see mention of how easy some Mythic fights are, that most are not a challenge. That is wonderful that you have the ability to play to that level, that you cannot comprehend why it may be harder for many. 

You have found yourself surrounded by people that have the same level of skill as yourself. When you fell your performance was bad, it is still worlds beyond anything we may see. I look at sim results for my class in Mythic gear, only 20 iLvLs higher than where I am at, and it’s more than double. 

I spent my entire evening last night trying to do one fight on normal. And it’s clear to me. That people are tired of working to accomplish anything. Most are done with the expansion. They are finishing up Legendary rings on Alts. They are maxing out that final piece or two of gear, and just want quick and fast runs, ignoring as many mechanics as possible to get things done in 5 minutes so they can switch to another. 

But many of us, are still here. Still working on those last few Normal or Heroic fights, still fighting the attendance bosses because people are tired of the same fights over and over every week on one difficulty, then another. We do our Mythic dungeons until we dread seeing the suggestion to do Grimrail. We want to be in your shoes, to have it all done, to be able to just do what we feel like. But we still have much to do. So when I see comments, we are done with the expansion, it was their worst to date, on break until Legion, hope it’s more challenging, wish they would stop dumbing down the game. We take it to heart. You don’t like many of us, you want us gone, how dare we try to get into a group with you in our sub par gear. Obviously we were carried to what we have or Blizz gave us welfare epics. 

Where am I going with this?  I really don’t know. We are supposed to be all part of a great gaming experience, and we all have different views. While your comments may be offensive to some, to me they just hurt. You make me question why I even bother to try to be better. If doing the best I can is still nothing to you, then why do I let your opinions hurt me. Why not walk away. 

Because you are people. You play the same game I do. I want to be there to say grats when you accomplish something, and maybe it would be nice to hear the same back even if it’s something you did 8 months ago. We are here still. We are trying as best we can. Rather than worry you might be offending us, why are you not instead offering to help. 

Because this game will never improve if the pool of people willing to help keeps dwindling. 

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