Art Emulates life

I had thoughts yesterday about what I am sure has been written by Blizzard for the yearly April fools joking.  And I had thought to take them to task about what may have been written.  But thinking this morning, I can’t.

Creating video games is a form of Art.  And sometimes Art emulates life.  But I think that perhaps there is too much of real life being placed into our games.  We go to work every day, some have careers where they work from home, mothers, fathers that care for their children, people that care for their elderly parents, even those of us that head out in the dark to jobs every day, scraping by, coming up with enough extra in our monthly budget to consider playing a game as a justifiable expense.  It is our entertainment budget for the month.  For some it is all they have, for others, having multiple game titles they play daily is just par for the course.  We are from all walks of life, have varying backgrounds, cultural differences, but we all share a love of gaming.

But I have noticed reading what people say every day, we are all getting older, we get up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, try to sneak in a few hours or gaming as an escape from real life, to be a mighty hero, to battle internet dragons, to be world explorers, to have some fun, an escape from real world problems.  But it feels like the real world, that Life is trying to force its way into our fantasy lives.  Maintaining a Farm initially, having to complete daily quests, following a set course for leveling, gearing, progressing to the end game, gaming has become a job.  And now with eSports becoming more prevalent, and individuals actually competing at a professional level, it has become a career, it has become a job.  And there are people lining up to find ways to earn a living in other ways all attached to gaming, the web sites reporting on events, it is becoming a job.  Much like Baseball, or Football, it is a professional sport, and is becoming less and less of something a person can do just to escape from the real world.

I was thinking on how over the past 2 odd years, the lines of communication have been slowly cut off to Blizzard, that it almost feels like there has been an internal memo,




zip it.  Not a word.  We are no longer a gaming company, we are trying to become a front runner in eSports, we are a multi Billion dollar a year corporation, all communication shall be vetted through channels.  No more saying what you think.  We, as players, well at least me anyway, see the noticeable lack of interaction with the player base.  It speaks volumes.  Whether it is fear someone might say the wrong thing and be subject for termination, or that you are trying to bring order to chaos, we see it.  You are quiet on all fronts.  It has become very cut and dry, with no humor.  Today is the day of exception, when you poke fun at yourself and at us.  And honestly, I will not be reading what you have come up with, because tomorrow I know it will once again be business as usual and the walls will be back up.

Remember this,


As you walk the halls of the campus, and glance around at the employees in their cubicles busy at work.  Do they look like they are having fun, or do they look like they are just there, doing their job.  When even the people creating something for others to enjoy, feel like they are just doing a job, then that gets carried into their work.  Years ago, you came out with games, that you had no clue if they would be successful, I am certain it was a hard time knowing, will we be able to pay salaries, the rent, but you were creating video games.  How many people in the world can say that yeah, I make video games that millions of people have played.  That has a value beyond money.  It is like a piece of art hundreds of years old that people can stare at and say wow, that gives me a great feeling.

Somewhere along the lines, you, like us, have gotten older, and I think may have lost some of that kid in all of us.  It is understandable.  But try for even a few minutes, to recall those early days, when you were young.


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