A word on Private servers. 

I just watched the video circulating. And I wanted to add a thought. 
I run a Facebook group for members of our server both present and past. To the best of my knowledge Borean Tundra is strictly a US based server. There is not an EU counterpart, or other regions. Yet over the years I have had requests from people in European, and Asian countries to join. Some from Dubia, Saudi Arabia, even ones from Reguons in Africa, and South America. I never decline these people. It could be that at one time they may have played in the US or have friends. But I digress. 

One thing that pops up every few months, is that someone will join, and start posting screen shots of achievements. Hey I just got server first Lich King, or some other achievement that had been gotten years ago. When someone asks about it, they go into a spiel about the private server they play on. 

Naturally of course my notifications explode from members reporting someone promoting a private server, and when I have a chance in the morning to ban the account. I do so because, even though I am running a private group for members of my small community, I do try to maintain the rules we have to follow in game. I do not condone people selling accounts or items/gold for real money. 

Initially asked these people, why play on a private server, why not play on the official ones. And the predominant answer was, because it’s free. The servers are all based in countries nearer to them than the official ones, and the kicker, because they can be customized. 

Yes, they can be tweaked and changed to be what those that play on them want. If you want Arthas spawning once a week in Storm Wind, they can make it happen. Want Kil’Jaeden in your raid along side of you? They can probably do that also. They are not playing the original game in its truest form. They are manipulating the game to be something different. 

How many of you have ever played Monopoly. Now how many have played where all the fines and get out of jail payments go into a pile and if you land on Free Parking you get the money. I’m sure a few have. But it’s not part of the game. It is a slight change to the rules to make something extra more interesting. 

To me what is being asked of Blizzard is to turn over exclusive rights to their intellectual property so that some skilled people with programming knowledge can turn it into an ordinary deck of cards. I’m sure some just said wait, what?  Mara are you nuts?  WoW as a deck of cards? What are you smoking there bud. 

Ok. Look at a deck of cards. You can build a house out of them, you can play Bridge, Poker, solitaire, Canasta, any number of games, with just foundation being a deck of cards. Ok so Warcraft is a bit more complex, but they are not only looking for permission to use the core foundation of the game to make alternate servers, ones focused on PvP, one for PvE, and I believe the comment I read that they had posted said, and many others. It’s not just this one group. They are more predominant now because of how big they grew. Legitimizing Legacy servers is opening a Pandora’s box for others to do the same. 

I hope that if It does happen at all Blizzard does it. 


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