@Warcraftdevs Guild UI possible feature

We recently had a situation where multiple tickets have been opened on a player that had been in the guild.  These were not for stealing from the bank, or using bad language, but more serious in nature, bordering on harassment, possibly worse.  Those that have had correspondence with this person have screen shots of conversations, and have reported it.  But that might take days before it is even looked at by a game master, and could potentially be to late to prevent even more damage.  I will not address specifics due to it being an open ticket for at least 4 people.

But it occurred to me yesterday that perhaps there needs to be a means for tickets to be escalated in the queue for faster investigation.  As the GM of a large guild I have seen the normal, people stealing from the bank, people writing derogatory notes on the public notes on peoples characters, just general things that can cause people to get upset and mad that someone would do something like that.  And it occurred to me that the guild interface, which I think we can all agree really needs some updating, would be an excellent place to add a feature usable by the GM to report an issue that requires someone to look into quickly.

Here on Twitter we have seen times where people have indicated they may be considering suicide, and the twitter community quickly acts to find out real contact information to prevent a tragedy, but how many times have people mentioned in their guild chat they are done with the world, or alluded to similar.  Being able to hit a panic button per say to get a game master involved right away, could be crucial in preventing a tragedy.  Or in the case we are dealing with, being able to report a player for sexual harassment, for what potentially could have been luring of a minor to another country, there really should be some means to escalate or red flag a ticket to bring it to the attention of those working that there is a serious problem.  You could add drop down menus to filter the severity of the problem.  Yes I am sure initially you might have people clicking on it just to see how fast a GM would pop in, but wouldn’t the potential good it would serve outweigh some inconvenience?

Anyway, it was just a thought that I had, for a way to possibly avoid a serious issue in a faster manner than people filling in multiple tickets about someone that could take days before they are even seen.


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