Cause I gotta have Faith


New tomorrow.  We we all hope there is news.  Something.  Hopefully more details on what we will be getting, what may find itself on the chopping block, what is not working, what is working better than hoped.

At this point having not only a content drought, but a news drought also really has bee hurting.  We are still trying to advance in Hellfire Citadel, but have been finding ourselves being pulled back into Normal just to catch people up, and at least to me the extended duration of this final tier is starting to show.  People wanting to get Alt’s in to get some upgrades leading into Legion, some people coming back to the game from long absences, all wanting to catch up so going into the pre-expansion event they are not far behind everyone else.  I don’t mind the occasional run through normal, i am tired of beating my head against a few upper level Heroic bosses.  And to be honest, I could very easily just live out the rest of the expansion in 15 minute a day intervals.  But I know in that direction leads less desire to log in at all.

I’m holding out hope, trying to have faith, that they are going to pull out the stops, they are going to do all they can to make this the best expansion ever from them.  I just hope they have a plan in place for after the movie release, because in a months time, those that are grumbling about how things are, will be talking a little louder, and for new players coming into the game, jumping right into the Draenor experience on their first level 90 character that they have no clue how to play, coming into a game asking questions to people that have gotten belligerent and down about the game are going to be giving them impressions of a company that does not care, is only looking at the bottom line, that cannot be trusted in anything they say.

I’m trying my best.  I really am.  But if even I am having a hard time of it, then I am certain I am not alone in my feelings.  I love the game, I love the story, the fact I can go back and do 12 years of content any time I choose.  They have created the push to be at the end, to be working on the final content at any point.  Personally I feel they should be working on ways to entice people to go back to the old.  Certainly getting pets and transmog items is always fine, but a few times through and the desire to repeat fades.  I have done Hellfire for the majority of the time it has been out, and it’s wearing thin, just as running Siege for months on end wore thin.  Not everyone has an army of alts they want to get in and through content, some of us have one or two we focus on and to us sometimes falls the burden of being there to help others, the person with the tank geared to do mythics that wants to play his hunter, but has to switch because the two tanks just can’t control the fight, the healer with a Warlock they want to play that has to switch just so 20 others can get through to the next.  The DPS that wants to gear up their tank or healer, but are asked to step aside so the rest can advance.  The game is full of selfless people volunteering to get onto their main so that other can get further ahead.

I don’t play Alt’s, I play one character. I do everything with him, and he is tired.  I am trying, trying to keep faith, but have a nagging thought that the game is heading in a direction not meant for me, that it is going to be more heavily focused on competitive play.  And if it is, it will see me leave.   Because for me it has never been about competing against others, but working with others to get the job done, to have fun together, to be a part of a group. And if the direction I see does come to fruition, then I will feel that I have had misplaced faith in a company to create a game viable to as many desires of players of all ages and levels of skill.


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