There comes a point you just lower your expectations. 

I was really down late Saturday night. 3 hours of continual wipes on one fight will do that to you. Sunday I woke up with no desire to set foot in a Draenor raid ever again. But I know I will. I need to get 5 more ring upgraded, that should put me at 725. That’s worlds beyond where I ever thought I would be for this expansion. I had no intention of doing anything more than LFR really. So when I was not even mad per say at the raids, it was disappointment in myself as a player, and a cold deadness inside that there was no chance I would ever see anything more with my friends, because I am not good enough. 

They tell me to go read logs, but they really make no sense any more. When the one method you have found that makes a glimmer of sense to play has you falling short, you just have to decide. 

Will I keep going, or should I stop. But it’s not that simple either. Oh sure stopping is cut and dry enough. But to keep going. What will drive me, inspire me to try to be better. And for me that answer is nothing. There is no mount I need, some title I will never use, another 10 or 20 achievement points. I’ve exceeded what I thought I would. Done more than I ever thought. So now I’m just going to go in twice a week, and not care if we do or don’t get it down. If it happens great. If not? Meh. Didn’t expect to anyway. 

I know this is probably an unhealthy attitude to take. But right now I am resigned to being a 57%. Or at least that’s the value Mr. Robot has given me. I’m 57% of the performance of people in the gear I have. So I’m good enough for some things, and lacking on others. It does not make me a bad person, or a bad player. It just means I can probably get through 57% of the content successfully. 

There are still many week to go, months even. I will tag along with everyone, do the best I can, but I know at some point I will hit my wall and not be able to go on. And I will watch as those I play with go further than I can. And I will be happy for them. 


6 thoughts on “There comes a point you just lower your expectations. 

  1. As a fellow Shadow Priest and someone who’d spend hours upon hours wiping on M’uru back in Sunwell, don’t give up! CoP/Insanity playstyle has ~8 weeks before its gone forever and we’ll be thrown into a completely different playstyle soon; you don’t need to overanalyze logs (I barely even read mine lol), some simple changes in rotation/stats can make all the difference.

    What boss is giving you trouble?

    From a quick look at your Armory I can give you some pointers (I’m not the best spriest but yeah):

    -Your Mastery seems way too low, even if you’re going for the haste route, try swapping enchants/gems or some crafted offpieces to boost your mastery. .
    -Try Mark of the Bleeding Hollow on your weapon, its spriest’s best wep enchant for CoP.
    -If you have Desecrated Shadowmoon Insignia roll with it along with Repudiation of War. Orb of Voidsight is slighly better than DSI vs Gorefiend (not sure about this one), Fel Lord, Tyrant, Mannoroth, and Archimonde. (Chipped Soul Prism off Kazzak is a good alternative to Heroic DSI)
    -Try to snag a Heroic (or mythic even) Dessicated Soulrender Slippers boots off the AH.
    -Keeping Mental Fatigue debuff on your target is crucial, never let it fall off :p
    -Spectral Guise is only usefull in HFC in Socrethar’s Ghastly Fixation ghosts (they target someone else though), Iskar’s Chakram (if you’re targetted with it use spectral and it’ll cancel it) and Tyrant’s Annihilation Strike during P1 (if you’re the target), for everything else Desperate Prayer is the lifesaving choice (Bulwark is alright if you don’t feel like managing DP)

    Best of Wishes, and once again, don’t give up!


    1. We were working on Socrethar. Having gift 90% of the night was painful.

      Yeah my stats are what they are. I don’t farm up gear. I go with the best I can get and try to make it work. It’s frustrating that we have 5 different gear builds.


      1. Oh Soc is one of those fights where teamplay is crucial, emphasis on whoever is controlling the construct, the fight is not that friendly to spriests with all those target switchings (infact, its the fight I do the least amount of dps in heroic hfc along with iskar), gift is something that your healers should take care of honestly. (i’ve seen your guildies a couple of times in LFR, they seem like really nice fellas) just make sure you’re in their range, that’s a mistake i kept making when I first started working on Soc.

        I’d suggest using Desperate Prayer/Bulwark over Spectral then, it might save you if you’re dangerously low on hp due to gift. GIven that your mastery is low and mastery does nothing for our already subpar AoE, you could/should keep ghosts as your priority.

        Like I said, it’s a fight that involves heavy teamwork and positioning, everyone’s got their little thing to watch for and do during this fight, once your group has that worked out the rest is just execution, the highest responsibility lies in whoever will do the construct though, they’re the highest source of damage to the boss anyways, positioning properly so that ghosts travel thru the fire, pulling caster adds to boss, making sure boss gets interrupted etc.

        As for gear, CoP has only two gear paths, going for the “flayless” haste one is tricky but works the best for progression, foregoing haste for mastery and everything else only yields better results when your group overgears and zergs thru it.

        In either case enchant your weapon with Bleeding Hollow, that alone will give you a decent dps boost; if you have the gold to spare get a crafted haste/mastery neck/cloak (in my realm it’s cheaper to build a 640 crafted item, get the upgrade items and upgrade it yourself vs buying it already at stage 6/6 yet people fail to notice that)

        As for boots, depending on your realm’s prices check whether or not a heroic dessicated soulrender slipper is cheaper than a crafted haste/mastery boot.

        Boosting your mastery with those 3 things will yield an improvement, once you exceed ~35% haste you can just swap your enchants to mastery.

        You got a Repudiation of War, that was the hardest part lol.

        Sorry if I didn’t made much sense, kinda sleepy lol



      2. Any 710+ gear is usually in the 50,000 range, I did see 725 boots for 90,000 the other day. 3 months ago maybe I would consider. But now?

        For the fight we had multiple hunters for ghosts. I was told interrupt the casters so they would move in for cleaves. More than half the time they just turned to me, fade helped, but not always. I could last 30 odd seconds before the damage just got to be to much and nothing I could do would help. I died a lot. It was frustrating. My DPS was ok, high 50’s, but I should be much higher.

        It’s one of many fights up there that require a lot of coordination. And it’s overwhelming for me. I just hope Legion is different.


  2. I think you might want to rethink what that 57% means. It’s not a probability of success/failure. It’s saying “based off the logs, you’re a little above average on the dps meters” and not another word more. You’ve already said you’re not min/max-ing gear by farming it. So to know that with your current gear, talents, and current rotation you’re doing about what others are doing. Remember your bell-curve. You’re riding the front of the crest.

    This perspective shift might do you a bit of good.


    1. I realize the 57% is compared to others. It is just coincidentally about how far I’ve made it through the final tier


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