Final Entry

I am still playing WoW.  Although many of you no longer are, or perhaps you are, but other shiny titles are prominent in your timelines.  When I came to Twitter years ago, there were a great many people here already from Warcraft.  I followed you all, interacted when I could, and appreciated when you interacted with me.  It has been a wonderful time.  More recently more an more are leaving for other games, years ago we joked, SWoTR would kill WoW, Wildstar would kill WoW, game after game has come and peaked the interest of many, and every year a few more walk away.  Or maybe they are still here, but don’t talk about WoW as much.  I too tried a few games that came along, I never much mentioned them, because they really never caught my interest.  No, World of Warcraft is the one true game that has held my attention for near 7 years, for many, even longer.  Yes I may have my own personal issues with things in the game, but overall, it truly does have something for everyone, if you go look for it.  Which is what I am going to do.

I am taking a prolonged break from Twitter, I may be back some day, I may even start up this blog again sometime in the future, but for now, I am going off to just play the game that I have grown to love, flaws and all

So this is the final?  Well final for now at least entry.  Thank you all that have stopped by to read over the years.




2 thoughts on “Final Entry

  1. I will miss you, Mara. Yours is one of a very small number of blogs that I feel are a daily “must read” for me. You have always given me something to think about, and your observations have often spurred me into thinking about the game in ways I would not otherwise have thought of. Best of luck to you — and I selfishly hope that after a few months off you will come back and give us more of your wisdom.

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  2. Hopefully, with a little downtime (and the new sexiness of Legion looming on the horizon) you’ll be back. Regardless, enjoy what you do with your time. You will be missed.


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