I was doing some investigating on what I will need to know about playing my Shadowpriest come the pre-expansion and into Legion. And I have to say that I am totally lost. It is quite apparent that I will need to wait for someone to post on many of the sites exactly which talent choices will work well together. Granted there are a few that seem to be more towards a PvP aspect, or at least that’s how it appears. But for the first time in 6 years I am completely baffled. 

I have tried reading some discussions and thoughts posted by people, which at times can be difficult when the topic runs off on a tangent with ideas on how to make the class better. To be honest, I would almost rather you just say here is your character. If you are questing choose build A, PvP choose build B, and raiding build C. I get it. You are trying to make choices up to the player, to allow someone to take what they feel is best to their style. But honestly, it is so overwhelming to comprehend, I will most likely pick a guide that makes some sense, set my talents and just learn to play that build as best I can. 

The other thing I noticed is that it appears I will need to get weak auras or some other add on program to play for me. Yes I understand that you don’t really “have” to get them. But honestly? If you are designing a class and fights around the fact most people use them?  It does lead you to believe you will have to have them. A tracker for how much Insanity you have, how soon will it fall off, how many Mind Spikes do you have on a target, it is placing so much of a players focus on the add on to keep track of buffs, and debuffs, that you are not doing the one thing you should be. 

Looking at an encounter. Looking at the work that went into designing the bosses appearance, the surroundings, the spell or attack effects. 

We race to cap, we race through dungeons, through raids, never slowing down to actually look at things. To be honest, I am sure a great many people would rather just click a button to go tho a room for a fight than to battle through things. And that is not how it should be. Oh I am sure if the art department put something funny on a wall, some data miner would run across it and it would be all over wen sites as a look at what we found for you. I love the work the art department has done, I sometime wander about in old dungeons and raids looking down hallways never taken, through doors never opened or tried. WoW is not a linear game, but the emphasis to get to an objective as quickly as possible is making us proceed with blinders on. Designing encounters that require additional programs to take our focus away from what’s in front of us is only exacerbating the problem. We no longer see the Forrest for the trees. We are just blindly rushing through to the clearing ahead to fight a bad guy and then racing onward. 

Come to think of it. I would actually enjoy an achievement to explore inside a raid.  


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