First Post

Deez Wurds.

It will be just this.  What I am thinking, not about World of Warcraft, not about Life, just what ever I happen to be thinking at the moment.

I have been thinking about Twitter, and all of my previous blogs and why things all went to hell in a hand cart.  And this image sums things up pretty damn well in my opinion.


And that there at the deepest roots of why, is what went wrong for me with Twitter.  So many people talking AT you every day, people talking ABOUT others in sub tweets, telling you all the things going on in their world, sharing all of their problems, making fun of people having a rough go, placing their own values over others.   Everyone is talking about what is happening to them, and it is so so easy to get caught up, to answer a tweet for a hug, to ask people to retweet, to have someone even just like something you say.  But not many people want to just talk to someone any more.  It is far easier to just pen off 140 characters, write a blog, or many other things, than it is to just reach out and talk TO someone.

A lot of the things going on in many of the lives of the people I use to follow hit very close to home on many fronts.  And I started looking at things with an eye to, Wow, if they are having trouble because of this should I be worried, should I be concerned for my own similar circumstance?  When reading the health and financial issues people are facing every day, and it starts giving you anxiety where you had none before, it is time to just step away.

I considered just having a blog about WoW, then just getting a Twitter account to post the links to blog posts, and I held off following anyone except WoW employees, I could have gone and filled my timeline up with all of the people that I cared to talk to every day.  But I avoided the trap to do so.  And that helped me ween off Twitter in a sense.  I do enjoy writing.  And I considered, should I really start another blog about WoW?  And I decided against it.  I may write about WoW, I may write about something my cat did that made me smile, might vent frustrations at the behavior of people.  I don’t know.  They will just be Deez Wurds.  You don’t have to like them, or share them, or even read them.  I am just writing for the sake of writing.

I think too some of the loss of interest in the whole Twitter thing happened when all of the Blizzard people shut down their accounts, and stopped talking to us.  The introduction of the @Warcraftdev account was a huge mistake.  Now instead of having a platform where people that worked there might see a comment and reply to you, or might even pass something along, you have an account that talks AT you. There is no soul to the account.  It is there to report or to report too.  And that is a shame.  I blame a lot of it on those people that tried to use it for fame or notoriety, that took great pleasure in threatening CM’s with violence.  Those people crossed a line, and the rest of us lost an interaction that made Warcraft just a bit more than any other game.

So welcome to Deez Wurds.



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