It’s only 80 of a thing.

I was reading Coffee Cake and crits blog.

And I thought I didn’t know about the collect 80 things. I remember now. I have 3 from running the 3 Mythics I needed to unlock Karazahn. I did that umm, two weeks ago?  And I still only have 3. I still have 3 quests for the final boss there, actually, I think I have 4 now. I forget. And I realize that there is no way I will be completing the Illidan quest chain any time soon. Maybe once I have reached exalted with all of the factions. Once I have completed Suramar, once I have leveled my professions to max, once I have found all the treasures, completed the Normal and higher raids for 30 things. Am I missing anything?

Maybe then I will see if I can stomach doing heroic or higher dungeons until I am thoroughly sick of them. We have 6 dungeons?   8?  I don’t even know. I am spread so thin trying to complete so many things, that I don’t want to focus on anything. I even pick and choose the easiest World quests now just to get an emissary done.  I am even falling behind on doing them.

I know that is not Blizzards problem. They have designed the course of the story to take a certain amount of time. It is my choice to do it or not. And I am choosing not right now.

I know some may say, there you go. Complaining there is too much. Yes I most certainly am. Because it is not to much of one task. It is too much of many tasks all wrapped around each other. How many of us have finally completed one quest for a Mythic dungeon, only to get another from a different source to do it again. I am curious if anyone has tallied up just how many dungeon runs on various difficulties we have to do in the name of the story.

I will not be shocked at all when the things we need to gather start appearing in missions, as a catch up mechanic. It’s their game. They can design it how ever they please.  But I know for me personally the quests in the city are on borrowed time. There is too much wrapped around doing things in a group. I just want to be able to go quest in the evening with my wife. When we die 6 times just getting to a spot we can stand out of guard range to pummel a guy into talking, without someone of the other faction stealing the tag, we go off to do other things. We all don’t play Paladins or Tanking classes that can take a beating. Some of us have to think small. Just 1 or 2 at a time.

Yes I will admit there is plenty to do. And I am doing what I want when I want to. I won’t burn myself out just to keep pace with everyone else.


2 thoughts on “It’s only 80 of a thing.

    1. Yeah. I get the reward should equal the effort. But having to corpse run over and over to complete one quest, or the problem we have now where I am at 20,000 revered so a part of the city is phased so the city is empty for me in parts where she is fighting for her life. It is frustrating when you have someone to do things with, but due to professions they are behind. I have gotten ahead on Nightfallen with Tailoring and Enchant world quests. So now we are grinding Nightfallen exclusively just so she can catch up. Hopefully when she needs to kill the big demons I can help. Because that took everything I had, and the 10 minute Shadowpriest 10 minute buff twice, and a few deaths to get solo.

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