Helya, or how about Helno

While the rest of the guild was doing Emerald Nightmare on Heroic. And I do have to give them a lot of credit. They are able to full clear a heroic in an evening. Anyway, while they were in there, I decided to go see Trial of Valor in LFR.  After a long wait I ended up on the final boss, with 2 stacks of determination. And I expect that to happen when a raid is fairly new. That fight is intense to say the least. And after experiencing it on what people routinely say is tourist level?  I won’t be back. I won’t be doing it on Normal, Heroic, and Hell no way on Mythic.

I think I may be a part of a growing number of people stepping back. Redefining our focus. It’s just not something I want to do any more. Along with running all 8, or 11 if you count Mythic, dungeons 10 or more times each, just to advance the story. The only thing there for me @Muffinus is the story that has been locked behind gathering 80 of a thing. I do hope you realize before it becomes much too late that people are just stopping. The reward is not compelling enough. Mostly because I have a fear, once I have done them 80 times, I will need to do them on Mythic, then what.  Have a quest to run Court of Stars at Mythic+5?

It’s a bold and risky move. Locking advancement behind doing group content. And I fear it may backfire on you. The adage, if you want it badly enough you will do it, has left not only the dock, but the port, and is full steam ahead passing the horizon.

There are a great deal of things to do. And I see what you are doing. It’s not subtle. Cutting back on World quests before the World quest bonus week. You are gating content to not only extend the duration. But also to push people into instance content. I get it. There is only so much in the world you can do before it’s stale from completing over and over for meaningless rewards. I do hope that you are able to see what people are doing beyond logging in at night. I did two quests in the world last night. One was in Thunder Totem to fight off guys stealing drums. Which got me an 845 piece to replace my 840. And an Enchanting one in Stormheim that rewarded me 10 bloods. Thank you for both. Beyond that was the LFR run above. That’s all I did. There was no reason to queue for heroic dungeons, to go solo World quests, to try to raise my professions. Heck I decided last night that after 6 days of burnt food, Nomi is now cut off. I won’t try for the rest of the recipes if they are gated behind RNG. I’m sorry. It sucks worse than getting a gold reward after spending 2,000g for a bonus roll on an LFR boss that only has two very minor upgrade pieces of gear. Oh, and getting some Artifact Power.

I don’t know really. There is a lot I like. But there are a lot of things that make me cringe. I think perhaps it is just a case of too many carrots. Too much riding on doing instances. And if I do somehow manage months from now, oh wait, it’s a minimum 2 months to complete the quest, let’s say this time next year then, to complete the quest, and it involves killing Helya again?  Even with an LFR difficulty?  I am saying Hell to the No on that. I already know people that just gave up on the Illidan quest line at the Blackrook Hold scenario. I fear a great many people will never finish the tale this expansion.


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