I had an analogy yesterday


I made a comment that some see Trump as a massive rock being tossed into a river, and that the ripples from it would create tidal waves that would destroy all in it’s path, and that I thought perhaps he was a rock being tossed in that might stop a wave of destruction that has been building so long it might wipe out everything in the future.

I made a little stick figure drawing.  Sorry, I have no where near the skill so many others have.  But it is an accurate representation of how I see things.  Up there on the hill are the 1%, those with so much money they throw $100,000 birthday parties for 3 year olds, before you scoff, have you watched any of the Real Housewives shows?  Enough said.  They live in a world we will never comprehend.  They pay their taxes, based on what the tax laws say they have to, they funnel money into the economy with their extravagant spending, they have grand parties for charity events, and they live their lives mostly unaffected by what we see every day.  Sure there are calls for them to pay more, do more, give the government more money so they can help the poor.  And the reality is, that if you tell them they have to pay more to the government? They will just move the money they donate to charities and groups, to the government.  They will not notice the loss one bit.  They have armies of lawyers and accountants to make sure all of their money is kept in tidy places to avoid paying more than what they have to by law.

Then you have the poor.  Those that are kept in check by the government and those that want positions of power by keeping them in fear of losing even a little bit of a program they need to survive.  They are coaxed into enrolling in programs that keep them in check.  The young mother that wants to go to school for nursing that can’t because the financial aid she gets to pay for school counts as income and she would lose her welfare assistance for her child.  The people that get lost in the system, those with true mental health issues that get money for cigarettes every day because it makes them easier to handle at the outreach center.  Believe me, I have seen a 250 pound man toss 4 muscular outreach workers aside like they were rag dolls, because he was not getting money for a 3rd pack of cigarettes.  I heard it, and saw it when one man was tossed through a wall into our offices.

And then you have those of us stuck in the middle, we are mired in the mud, stuck in the river, trying our best to help out those that need help, shouldered with the burden of paying for all of the programs the rich and powerful think to create to make them feel better.  Feel like they made a positive change.  We stand there year after year, watching our lives get washed away, we see the tsunami of Rampant spending, Debt payments for borrowed money for programs that were financed years ago, of Government bloat, more money means more programs, means more government paid employees, who get health care, and pensions.  So near 50% of us that voted, voted to toss a big honking rock into the middle of the river.  We don’t care if your fancy homes on the hill get a little muddy, we don’t care if your $80,000 Mercedes gets wet, or your $800 hair do and make up are ruined.  We are tossing in a rock to save our lives.

And those crying for help?  We have done all we can. We have tossed the life preserver to you. The rope has gotten shorter, because we have no more. You need to try to meet us part way. We cannot do it all anymore. I’m sorry. Many may get washed away further into the system. Those on the hill don’t care. They only care when they want your support. They have pushed you into the programs meant to keep you in line. It is up to you to want to get out. Hopefully the rock we tossed in will slow the currents enough that you are able to. We have done all we can. We have made the bold, unpopular, difficult choice. Because we were forced to. The alternative was letting it all go, then there would be no one there standing in the river with an outstretched arm to help.


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