Your outlook changes when you measure your life in decades. 

At the end of the year, well the day after Christmas I will be 54 years old. I have lived in 6 different decades. The 60’s through the 10’s. And it sounds kind of weird to me. Especially listening when I was younger my grandmother talking about the roaring 20’s and the depression of the 30’s. And realizing in a bit more than 3 years I will be experiencing decades just as she did. I will just be a bit older. And I think back the year she was born, 1897, and 100 years later when I got married, 1997.  She lived to be 97 years old. She was tough. Not in personality. But she grew up and raised a boat load of kids. This is a family reunion picture from 1984

The family was actually bigger, that was just a good portion, and the family got bigger these past 30 years. 

One thing I have noticed is as I have gotten older, things take a bit longer to do. Re painting  the bathroom, touching up plaster and sanding, painting trim, installing a new medicine cabinet, would have taken me a weekend, maybe less when I was younger. But now with being up before 5am to go to work, and coming home after 5pm, things like cutting the grass, cleaning the house, helping my inlaws in their 80’s with food shopping and cleaning, at the end of the day, week, month, year, the time slips past so fast. Where I would come home and eat dinner in front of the computer playing games till midnight, have been replaced with perhaps 2-3 hours. And even then I am thinking of what I have to do. Tomorrow we are having Thanksgiving, and I think about having to clean the house, get tables set, bringing a table from the garage for overflow food. And the being back up for work Friday morning. 

As we get older, our priorities change. While the desire to play hours upon hours may still be there, we know it’s no longer possible. And we really want the game to recognize our plight. Don’t make to much for me to do, don’t make me choose, I don’t have the time. But what we don’t realize is that there are still people like we were. Still burning the candle at both ends. And in 10-20 years, those people will be as we are now. 

It’s tough to come to grips with getting older. But it’s a fact of life. That many of us in our 50’s. The Pong generation, The Atari 2600 kids. We still are gamers. We still play 4 decades later. Life willing some of us may see gaming in 4 decades more. 

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