There is the way to play, and how they designed it. 

I read Alts blog this morning. Apparently players were farming Artifact Power to unhealthy levels all in search of maxing it out. And my level of surprise?  Big ole honking zero. 

Why, you are just being crazy, who wouldn’t play the game the way it was designed, why would people play it differently. 

Because people don’t want to play by the rules. It starts at a young age when we play Monopoly and we put all the fines and taxes in the middle for that lucky chance to land on Free Parking. It is not in the rules. It is something someone thought up long before the internet. 

All the years I have played, there is always something people do, they find an exploit, they have a programming genius write a Weak Aura to play the game for them, they go off the ranch and just play old content because they enjoy that more. It never shocks me when I read about people not toeing the line. I probably don’t either because I am not keeping the pace of the design, I’m not running Mythic + anything, I’m not even running LFR. World quests?  Just what I feel like doing. Taking the default max level talent? Big ole nope. I’m playing how I want to play, for as long as I want to on a daily basis, and what my life allows. I do what ever I feel like working on. 

Last night I scanned the map. Saw two world quests I could do. One awarded over 19k AP, another 12k. And after those two?  I stopped. Because right now I need 340,000 AP. And the next level?  Might be over 500k, up to needing 1,000,000. So yeah, I can see people just wanting it to end. To get it to max level so they don’t have to be out in the world every day farming world quests. 

When I got exalted Nightfallen, it was a relief. Finally. I’m done with those guys, but in a sense I’m not. It just opened a whole new grind. One that I don’t even have a clue if I am working on or not because I just don’t care.  I don’t want to have to go to 3rd party sites to see what I should do. I don’t want to play the game that’s been designed with add on programs pointing you to treasures you need to max your Arcane mana totals. I just want to be able to play a game right out of the box, and have fun.  Best expansion ever?  Maybe. But I just don’t care any more. I play because it’s something to do. Heck, back in the day I paid $14.95 a month for AOL just to talk to people online. Having a computer game on top of it?  Bonus level play that is. 

Meh. I’m tired. It’s the day after Thanksgiving. I am thankful that there is a game I play that gives me some level of enjoyment because I can play it however I damn well feel like. And I don’t have to cheat to do so. If I can get it I will. If not?  Moving on to the next part. 
A last minute thought to a comment Alt made about complexity and design. There is also that no matter how simple you may make something. Someone will always come along wanting to do it to such a complex way as to be unfathomable to most people. Just so they can do it a pinch better, and point down at people to get on their level. 

2 thoughts on “There is the way to play, and how they designed it. 

  1. For me, there are too many facets of the game (from group content to pet battles; a wide spectrum) and at some point I have to pick and choose on my time investment while knowing that another tidal wave patch is incoming. Our level of expertise in certain areas came because there was a lot of time to become experts: however, with things like class balance patches, we are never on stable ground and playing with confidence — which is a shame, I think.
    I also look and wish for being “done” but I doubt it will ever arrive.

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  2. I farm the hell out of AP but I’ve invested it in all three of my specs (rogue) fairly equally since I enjoy all three specs for different aspects of the game. So it’s not a min/max thing though I grant it may be an even more stupid endevor on my part. 😛

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