A good book has one plot

Of course there can be many sub plots to drive the story, different character developments, interactions between many.  And I suspect that is what is giving me some mental fatigue.  I have lost the main plot for the forest of sub plots.  What ever happened to Sylvanis and what she was looking for in Stormheim.  If Karazahn is so important, why is Khadgar hanging out in Dalaran all the time, why should I be training Withered?  I am sure there are a great many more.  The little cave with researchers investigating the Fel Pit in Suramar, even Suramar City itself.  There seems to be a political uprising, but I have lost track of where I am because the damn emissary quests keep pulling you off on tangents. 

Don’t even get me going on Illidan.  I know we are seeing his back story, but where is it going.  There is too much time between the bits and pieces that I am completely lost as to why we are even here any more.

Oh, and I guess at some point, Demon Hunters in Space

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