I’m a have not. And I guess I’m supposed to be ok. 

I don’t have a Legendary. I may not ever. Because it is stuck behind RNG. And we are supposed to be happy about this. The more you do, the higher your chance of getting one, because every possible way to get one gives you an ever increasing chance every time you fail a roll. It is protection against never getting one. And getting one randomly when you least expect it = fun and exciting. Which may be true until you go so long seeing people getting them on hardly played Alts, that you just don’t really care. I might still care enough to voice frustration. But that’s about it.

In the past you got a quest or picked up some piece, and you ran things over and over until you finally got your reward.  The logic, grinding content over and over = not fun.  But grinding content over and over for an unknown amount of time = fun.  I don’t get it. I still have the quest for the Dragonwrath staff because I suck at figuring out where Shannox is going to chuck his spear or whatever. But I still hold on to the quest. Even though I could probably drag a couple people in there to do it, I don’t want to ask.  I want to be able to do something on my own.

I see every day, someone getting their first or second, some third or fourth legendary thing. And I do not have one. I probably shouldn’t care. I’m not raiding, I’m not doing Mythic anything, haven’t finished the last boss in Karazahn, I don’t even want to do Heroic dungeons. And PvP?  That I thought maybe would entice me to try once again?  A quick wrong turn into an area reminded me why I don’t.

The point is, I am doing World content. I don’t have to. There is nothing as a reward for doing it that would improve me any. Well except the World bosses. But that’s once a week. I have lost count how many Emissary turn ins I have done. And I look now at the map, and say to myself, why?  Even seeing what I have to guess is part of the 9 week Suramar chain, a quest pop up on the road to the city. I look at it, I’ve read it, know what I would need to do, and yet I have not taken it. Partially because I am waiting for my wife to catch up to where I am at, I think she is 3 or 4 quests behind, and I wonder. Why?

There is no bad guy. Everything has been corruption from Fel, or dealing with those junkies in Suramar. The story has lost the plot for me. I don’t know if I even had a grasp On it to begin with. We have Norse Mythology, Tauren in Highmoutain, some mish mash of things going on in Valshara, and Naga in Azuna. But how does it all tie together. Why should I be wasting 2000 Mana to run a scenario with Withered. What the goal. Are they supposed to help me at some point months from now?

I don’t have a G D clue. 

I don’t even know what the purpose to getting 2 Legendary’s is. Are they just a reward for doing lots of stuff?  Is there a reason for having them?  I feel like I am reading a book where every 3rd page has been torn out. It is frustrating to a point that tonight, I logged in, sent out missions, turned in the free Kirin Tor turn in, gave the map a look, and logged out. I feel like I am in Purgatory, seeing the same thing over and over. Go to this zone, you can do quests that will earn you, resources/gold/840 gear.

It feels like they said here is a ton of stuff to do. But if you aren’t doing all of it, then you won’t understand the big picture. I’m just tired of a 12 year old design philosophy that has had some tweaks.

Do we even know who the bad guy is?  And what happens if I choose to do nothing. To let the Legion win.


Hold on there big guy, I still need to collect 70 things.  I will get to you, but first a cup of coffee.  I may try to squeeze you in sometime in 2017.  Maybe not.  I’m not sure.  Come to think on it?


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