Clearly we need a “story as we know it” posting!

Coffee Cakes and Crits wrote, Clearly we need a “story as we know it” posting! Here

And I have to agree.  I have become mired in a routine that has me so lost that I do not know if I am ahead, behind, or even if I am where I should be with the whole expansion.  I think I might be on the 9 week story thing for Suramar, but I am not sure.  Two weeks ago skirting the outer edge of the Vineyards I saw a world quest pop up, but it did not for my wife who was with me.  We figured it was because she had not done a few quests that I had one evening while they were raiding.  So I skipped taking it, and now it’s gone.  But this week I saw a quest pop up on the main road into the city to rescue someone still trapped in the city, but I do not know if it is there for her.  Phasing is great when you are leveling and unlocking zones, but when you get out of phase with someone you are completing world content with, it results in a lot of frustration.  I don’t want to do more until she has a chance to catch up, and there are parts of the city now that are a different phase to each of us, so we may be riding along then all of a sudden, she is alone and I see an empty city.  It would be nice to have a developer blog post about where we are in the story, what we should have been working towards, if I find out in 7.2 I needed a 20 withered army to do a scenario to advance some part of the expansion, I am going to flip a table.  Basically, right now…


To be brutally honest, I have no desire to run endless dungeons and raids.  I actually want to experience the story.  But it seems I may have chosen the expansion where they are doing their best to validate instanced content.  Or perhaps…..


Lets look at something, there is a massive amount of stuff to do in the world, there is a massive amount of stuff to do in just about every part of the game.  What if this is a 3 year expansion, leading to just ongoing content, with points they unlock leveling for a new big story arc, and they are trying to gauge where they should devote resources.  If you were a big company looking to revamp your cornerstone game, to advance the genre in a whole new direction, how would you decide where best to allocate resources for design.   You could do surveys of people leaving the game to see why they are leaving, you could post opinion poles, you could even ask the top streamers what they see their fans enjoying.  Or, you could pull out all the stops, and interweave an entire expansion into a marketing research tool.  Occasionally have aspects cross paths, have profession quests venture into Dungeons, even raids, have PvP objectives pop up in different places in the world, have rotating world quests so people could still advance outside of raiding.  It would be fairly easy to see participation in different aspects based on interaction.  How many people took a certain quest involving completing a Dungeon on Mythic, how many abandoned, how many are incomplete.

Oh well, it’s a Tuesday, it’s reset day, later I will go punch what ever world boss is up in the face, and waste 1000g on a roll for a bag of gold.


3 thoughts on “Clearly we need a “story as we know it” posting!

    1. When I get frustrated or stuck I like to go back to really old stuff and be a god. Walking through ICC destroying all in my path. I even did Earth Wind Fire 25 solo. That’s a fun couple of minutes. 😊

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      1. One thing I do see, is if you start focusing on raiding let’s say, them other things start falling to the way side. My wife raids, when she does, I could be jumping ahead with quests, but then we have the phasing problem, and I don’t have my questing partner.

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