I’m still no hero

So a thing happened last night.  After going crazy trying to figure out where one of the final Suramar quest chains needed for the meta started, here’s a hint, the top rated comment on WoWhead gives the wrong coordinates.  But if you watch the guys YouTube video it clearly shows the building at the top side of Felsoul Hold.  So off we went last night, started the chain, got to a point we had to release prisoners, I killed some elite 110, not a rare mind you, just an elite.  And boom, Legendary boots dropped.  And I don’t know what RNG gods I am favored by, but they had Haste and Mastery on them.  Plus the equip bonus is really good for me.

I still don’t feel like a hero, it was not as spectacularly gratifying as they make RNG drops out to be, but yay, I got one.


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