Have they decided to listen too late. 

I’ve always wondered. Who does Blizzard listen too. Sure at one time you had major class sites like Elitist Jerks that possibly had a few people at Blizz watching topics, the class forums perhaps years ago, even more class specific sites like the World Hunters one. Beyond that maybe even people in top guilds. I recall seeing Tweets long ago from someone that lead you to believe at the very least they had a direct email to Zarhym, if not a phone number to call. I’ve seen postings from people alluding to them being a part of tech alpha design number crunching and design input. That’s all well and good when you have 10+ million players and your top 10% numbers over a million. But I wonder if that’s not so any longer. 

There was a time that CM’s and Blue’s tweeted and commented on the forums. And one day it noticeably stopped. We all recall. It was like someone laid down the law. No longer was it even safe to say, my personal account not my employer. And it seemed like someone decided, oh, these Twitch streamers and YouTube people have lots of subscribers, they must know what’s going on. We should listen to them. And still people walked away. I think that maybe it has finally dawned on someone there. We all don’t follow the @blizzardCS twitter, most people don’t even have a Twitter, they might have Facebook, and we see they tried to jump on the Live streaming by everyday people. And they still didn’t understand. The vast majority of people left that play want to do just that. Play a game. They don’t care about eSports, or being gaming celebrities. They, probably like me, don’t have a clue who some of these people are that get promoted on the desktop launcher. We, those that are left anyway, just want to log in, do some quests, have fun with our online friends, and kill internet dragons. We don’t have aspirations of ever getting an NPC named after us. We just want to be able to figure out how to kill stuff as fast as possible without getting killed. 

Maybe things will get better. Maybe they will start listening. Time will tell. 


One thought on “Have they decided to listen too late. 

  1. It is interesting to watch this WoW game evolve. The Hipster Bandwagon guys have mostly moved on to the next cool thing; those were the guys making machimas and parody WoW youtubes — trying for fame or likes or clicks. You could call them the “personality” guys who have a quick wit or scathing criticism that draws crowds. I miss them! They thought of the naked gnome races and hosted transmog parties and drew attention to the periphery of the game.
    Whether Blizzard listens to feedback — I go both ways, I’m sorry. Those long silences before Ghostcrawler helped me to accept the game as designed; he was one helluva politician.

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