Legacy content is fun as a guild

The other day I remarked that we did not have Mythic guild credit for Draenor raids. I think in the final weeks of the expansion, with folks in heroic raid gear, they downed a lot of Highmaul and Blackrock, but I think they were short people for Mythic credit.

Tonight, they took a break and 17 of us destroyed Highmaul, Hellfire, and Blackrock. It was glorious and took about 2 hours. Good job all.


And unlocked new Battleboar mount for everyone.
Oh. I did make one observation in doing raids on Mythic as a level 110 in 860 gear. Mechanics can still kill you. Don’t just tunnel the boss. Adds still have to die.


2 thoughts on “Legacy content is fun as a guild

    1. Oh and someone pointed out you can buy seals for Highmaul and Blackrock at 300g a piece up to 20. I got about a dozen pieces of gear and a staff and dagger. The dagger is very cool looking.

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