Some people can be right gits. 

Not going to point or link what I just read or where. This is more a general statement. 

I honestly thought perhaps we were moving past the whole how can you be having problems. It is stupid easy, anyone can do it. Obviously you are blowing it out of proportion. 

When you walk away from all the asshattery and only follow or pay attention to decent people you tend not to see the worst in people. And honestly it troubles me more that they are unaware of what they are saying, in the way they are saying it. 

Not everyone can play to a level that some find trivial. We play on ok computers, or have high latency issues. I’m not even scratching the surface of problems people may have with their health, or a dozen other things that can make doing some things a bit more challenging than it may be for someone else. 

When people, even myself, open up to any willing to read, about our personal problems in gaming, or in life, it is taking a risk that someone will come along and brush our thoughts aside like they are meaningless drivel. I can understand someone telling me, I don’t agree with you. Even offering a different opinion. But to say something to someone making it seem like they are solely at fault because they are afraid to learn?  Sorry no. You are a part of a large reason I left it all behind. There is a staggering amount of non information in the game, unless you are scouring WoWhead on a daily basis. If you want to just log into the game and play you will find yourself wondering what the hell you are supposed to be doing. As an example, I think I am on a 9 week campaign. I’m not sure. I don’t even know If I am missing quests, or if there are Dungeons I need to be running. Because it is not in the game. I rescued someone wife in the market in Suramar the other day. I still don’t know if I was supposed to do more after I went back to the cave or not. Because you can’t see the Forrest for the ever changing trees of world quests. Not even taking into account that doing them or not does not slow the story. You have a week. That’s it, then it moves on. Or that’s what I think happens. When I see people say goggle it, look it up, get gud, I cringe a little inside. It’s no wonder people just up and leave without a word. 

If your going to reply to a persons blog post, tweet, or forum post, don’t be an ass. If you don’t have a helpful answer, just say nothing. 


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