I guess I don’t play the same class/spec



Also, we don’t agree that the change to Insanity drain makes Surrender to Madness more difficult for lower-end players; keep in mind that Insanity drain is actually lower for the first 18 seconds than it used to be.


I think I want to call shenanigans.

I have gotten to a point where buffed my Haste is over 30%, and casting stuff feels a pinch better as a “Lower-End” player.  Oh, and I guess that’s the new PC way to say Casual Bad. I don’t use Surrender to Madness.  I tried it a few times one day.  4 to be exact over a near hour at the target dummy, because of the damn 10 minute CD.  I think I managed 20 seconds?  Probably less.  My DPS using it seemed lack luster.  A slight improvement to be sure, but not enough that it would entice me to select a talent that I only use in a Raid, on the Boss, only for the last minute or two.  Those that play top 10%, heck even top 50% that look at me and brush aside my inability as just being a bad player unwilling to challenge myself?  Off you go.  I spend a great deal of time trying to improve by doing stuff out in the world.  Talent choices are made at the beginning of the expansion to suit me as best as possible, and I make due.  I am tired and frustrated by expansion after expansion where if I do not take the flavor of the month talent build for specific fights and be expected to be an Ace at it.

You want to know why I do not raid Blizzard?  Why I don’t do your Mythic dungeons, even heroic for that matter.  Because they are just repetitious content placed to train you to be better in ever increasing difficult challenges.  And then you scrap it all and come up with some new idea and revamp all of it for us to try to learn all over again.  So I reached that point I just said no.  And I picked what I considered to be the most like I enjoy playing. I am good enough to kill stuff by myself or with others.  And that is good enough for me.  ANd if I am below what is needed?  I do not go.

Please try to remember, not everyone is spending all of their time doing Mythic +15 dungeons, Mythic raiding, or what ever other top end content.  Some of us just want to be able to survive wandering around the world.

It’s pretty obvious that they never planned on Surrender to become a default talent choice. Much like every other class, I believe they honestly think people will take and make choices based on how they want to play, and are surprised when someone figures out which is the absolute best, must take talent. 

Here is a clue guys. You could scrap the whole talent choice system, and say this is what you get. Yes people would be mad, but what is worse, being mad because out of 3 choices you feel pressured to take a specific one and hate the way you need to play, or having players mad because you took away the illusion of choice. 

That whole article seemed to me tone acceptance that S2M is the default, and you are trying to find ways to bring the others up in value. And the worst is that I fear one team may be looking at fixes while another is getting ready to hit secondary stats with a nerf bat. The people that will suffer the most are the “Lower-End” players. 

It’s ok for me. I have no aspirations that I will see anything of end game content while current, or even the story since you have Illidan gated behind dungeons. 


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