Me as an NPC

The week 5  Z and Cinder’s Blog challenge found here.

Oh boy.  Me as an NPC.  What would I be, what would I do, would I offer quests? Directions to some thing?  Would I just stand there being menacing.

First off I would like to be my Panda, in the simple garb that I have grown to love


Just your average Pandaran about town, nothing remarkable about him.  He is just what he is.

As for what I would do?  How would players interact with me?  I have often thought about this, and I would like to be an interactive help interface.  Instead of the generic button on your action bar, an actual character you could ask a question too and the interface would respond. Kind of the Azeroth version of Cortana.

Marathal, where should I go to work on quests as a level 17?

Well (your name here) have you been to the Heroes command board to see if there are any quests available to you?  Or perhaps you would like to discover new adventures for yourself in Westfall.  That’s where I would be heading if I was looking to challenge myself.

And that is what I would see for me.  Oh in my pipe dreams of course, if there was a place, or vendor in town you were having trouble finding, you could ask him to show you the way, and he would lead you there.

4 thoughts on “Me as an NPC

  1. oh I love the idea of you being like a guide to take people where they need to go. His outfit is wonderful. Sounds like he would be your lovely average Joe who likes to help out people when he can. Though given his weapon I don’t think I’d like to cross him…
    Thanks so much for taking on our topic this week! 😀

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