Professions are going to suck the life out of me. 

I am trying. I really am to find enjoyment out of them. Maybe it’s just Tailoring and Enchanting that are in a bad place. I’ve done the World Quests as they’ve popped up. On rare, and I mean RNG Soon TM Rare, occasions I have gotten my 3rd recipe, so that making things no one wants or needs cost less to make.

I had Tailoring to 792. The previous 5 points was from Darkmoon Faire. I took a look at my inventory and saw I had enough to make 10 pairs of pants and about another 10 of wrists I believe. These are the only two Imbued crafted recipes I have that are not grey. So I knocked out 20 pieces of gear. And got to 795. So I went and bought more material, enough to make 15 more wrists, because the pants require materials from other professions, and No, I’m not spending 3000g to try for a possible 1 skill point. So after the 15, I got 1 skill point. I am now 4 from max, and being able to read the Saddle Blanket recipe. And I just can’t bring myself to drop more gold into leveling it any more. It will just have to wait for next months faire to get the last 4.

When the expansion launched I had actual Tailoring quests, there was even some story, I had rescued someone in Azuna and they for a time were in the Tailoring shop in Dalaran.  But then it just stopped.  I had learned what I could, completed all the quests I could find, and that was it.  The only outstanding one I have now is for a bag off the last boss in Karazhan.  And I have not had an opportunity to go back there since the one run I had the second week it was out.

But it would not be proper to criticize a feature without having a fix in mind.

World profession quests should offer 2 skill points on turn in. They are so rare to pop up on the map, every few days I think I see one for Tailoring, or one for Enchanting. It’s fine they have a reward that appears to be about 20% above the outlay of material, and that you get 250 rep with a faction. But honestly?  I want more. Sure, I took all of those pieces of gear I made, and turned them into 10 Obliterum that I am now selling. But even that really has no excitement for me.

Professions should be Meaningful. Meaning that you should be able to make things for yourself, beyond transmog gear. Oh you’re probably saying, but you can make pieces that you can raise to 850. If you have deep pockets to make enough to get your own Obliterum, or buy off the AH. And honestly?  When the majority of World quests are dropping 845-860 gear?  Yeah, nope. Professions seem to fill a need at the beginning of the expansion. But at this point 3 months in?  Unless you are making consumables for people, the gear is irrelevant.

Now I see Enchanting is getting 12 new recipes, rank 1 I will get from a vendor. And I suspect it will cost. A lot. And I need to decide for myself. Do I want to spend what gold I have, tap into savings, just to be a completionist. And I think not. Unless they are better than the top ones I have now. Only then will I consider.

Having meaning does not mean gating behind hours of grinding or RNG. Having meaning to me is that the items you can create are actually useful for the entire expansion. Not just the first weeks.


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