This time of year many are struggling. 

I am sure the vast majority of us are struggling with bills, trying to figure out how to possibly get one small gift for someone special in our lives, a toy for a child, even to offer a hand to someone in need. 

This past year I opened my home for a friend in game. He was at the absolute bottom. No where to turn and the world was set to fill the hole on him. We have helped him as best we can. A roof over his head, and meals. He finally got a full time job a few months ago. The world is a tough place. And we did what we could. We have made contributions to things over the year, and I made a donation to a mental health fundraiser. I honestly did not have the money to do any of these things. Even buying some gifts for families my wife’s company has adopted. Getting some small things that will give a child who does not understand a gift to open on Christmas Day. 

We all do what we can. We even go beyond at times putting ourselves at risk. It is human nature to want to help. Just as it is also in our nature to feel bad when we cannot. I try to stay anonymous and keep a distance. Because if I could I would help all that I could before myself. And I know that there is always that one more person. That one more charity, that one person about to lose their home. I’ve helped my brother in law when he was laid off for two years and had to sell his home. I do all I can for my inlaws on a weekly basis. And I donate, even when I know I should not financially. 

The holidays are tough on everyone. And if you can, just reaching out and offering a hug, sharing a fundraiser, even just donating $5 can mean the world to someone in need. 


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