Are there too many quests. 

This is not a criticism. More of an observation. Do we have too many quests. I think on any night I probably have between 40-50 quests on the map. I know that if I did them all, the next day I would have 40-50 there to do. I am at a point I have Revered with all, Exalted with Nightfallen. I could focus and get them all to Exalted in a month if I chose to do so. Instead I am just focusing on the story right now. I do a few quests, then head back to town and just read trade and guild chat. There is nothing really drawing me out into the world beyond maybe the world boss if I feel like it. I could focus on gold quests, or Epic gear drops to fill my bank with disenchant crystals. But I’m just hanging out. 

I wonder if perhaps it should be a bit less volume of quests, and more quests with substance. Going into Suramar city to pass out Arc wine for the 20th time, or to kill the courier, were fine the first couple. But I think it’s gone on long enough. I will say riding a T-Rex through town stomping and chomping guys never gets old. 

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