Your mom

Last night as I was sitting in town after finishing off the final parts of the Suramar quest line, bring on the Nighthold!!!, I was glancing at trade chat, there was a person trying to form a new raiding guild, need 5 signatures.  There were some comments about good luck with that on a dead server(s).  I made a comment that we were doing fine, some others did also.  Then someone said Shadowsong say Hi.  There was one other person that chimed in with a Hi.  So I thought I would say Borean Tundra say Hi.  And nothing but crickets.  Then someone said something.

Your mom says hi

And that kind of stung.  Both of my parents are gone.  My dad passed when I was 25, my mom several years ago.  And a snide comment like that really hit hard, especially this time of year. I did not say anything more, did not whisper the person to say anything, I just decided that it was a good time to just log out.  I know they do not know me, do not know my parents are gone, they may not even care.  But it really shows how quick people are to just toss out an insult.



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