Trolling to a new level

I ran across this picture just now.


And I have to say, just wow.  I have not done all that much in Mythic+, but seeing something like this?  Knowing that I would be one of those sub 450k, and that because of it someone would just drop and the person that had the key would be out of their run because of it?  Not likely to see me any time in the foreseeable future in the group finder.  I had heard of groups kicking people at the final boss which is a dick move in itself, this is just even more reason the feature needs a look.  It is bad enough that if a person has a computer issue, gets booted offline, that the clock does not stop.  But seeing other players just being ass hats because they can, really puts the feature in a bad light.  I know that when they came up with the idea and format, that behavior like this was probably the furthest thing in their mind.  But with more and more reports of things like this happening, I certainly hope they are looking at solutions or penalties.

Oh, and when you find out there is a Warcraft Complaints group on Facebook with 19,399 members, and search for your guild and find no complaints.



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