Shoe, other foot

I find some irony in a parody? Story I read yesterday mocking a teenage boy being upset that Tracer was a Lesbian. I honestly don’t care what developers of the game want to do to try to appease folks outside of a video game. I hope they realize also that now the young lady that has been promoted as Tracer in real life now will be assumed to also be a Lesbian, because her fictional character is. I honestly don’t know. I don’t know the woman, or her back ground. Just that when Overwatch was all over, she was popping up all over social media. 

No. what I want to point out is that while I don’t honestly care, some people do. Just like some people were upset that their Rogues didn’t get a certain location for their Class Hall, or that other classes don’t have the back story that they thought mattered to them. These same people that are pointing at others and making fun of because they had a certain perception of the Tracer character, are likely also guilty of having similar feelings about their characters in WoW. But I guess it’s different because of who they are. 

If you are going to put out something making fun of a group of people, exacerbating their opinions by embellishing it and making their point seem utterly disgusting, i.e. that making her a Lesbian therefore makes her unplayable because they cannot have sexual fantasies about her, then do not be offended if others make light of your complaints of lack of class fantasy that you have of yours. 

The world is too full of people that feel their opinion is all that matters. Maybe it has been too many years of telling people their opinion does matter. You can agree with me or not. I won’t be staging a sit in or vandalizing your property because you don’t. You are entitled to your opinion. But I don’t have to like it. I just have to respect that it’s yours. Hey. My opinion is that I have worked over 40 years of my life and would like to stop now. But my mortgage company doesn’t care, the electric, phone, internet, tv, doesn’t either. The local grocery store sure isn’t handing out free food. Life is compromise. Some times you just have to suck it up and deal with it to make it to the next day, and the day after that. Nothing is owed to you. You get what you work for and it has more meaning than something just given to you to shut you up. 

So I say to all the writers out there. Be cautious of what and how you write. Someone will be offended. But be prepared for the shoe to be on the other foot. 


2 thoughts on “Shoe, other foot

  1. I didn’t know either. Happened to run across comments about it. And saw a post someone had written, pretending to be an outraged 17 year old, which I could not find this morning. It’s their company, and I know they have been under the gun for years to promote female characters in more prominent lead roles. Doesn’t matter all that much to me, I won’t play the game one way or another.


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