Christmas Eve ear worm 

We had some really good music back then. 

2016 has been are really difficult year. Aside from all of the celebrity deaths, the country on the verge of tearing itself apart any week. Friends with problems that I could do nothing to help. Health and financially. Big shake ups in the guild. Someone in the guild that does so much leaving the game, I suspect because they realize how addictive it can be for them. And yet this past week someone came back after 4 years. 

I try to think. Is it the game that keeps me playing. Or is it the social interaction. Maybe a bit of both?  If it wasn’t for the people that I know, I would have quit years ago. But because of the people I don’t know, and how they behave towards others, I would quit in a heartbeat. Blizzard is honestly falling down on some things. The reporting feature is a joke unless it’s a major thing. I have reported one person in trade chat every day for two weeks or more advertising gold selling. I’ve reported them using spamming, cheating and noted them as a gold seller, I’ve even put them on ignore. But there they are the next day. A read through of trade chat indicates I’m not alone. People are commenting that Blizzard just doesn’t care. They sell gold legally. If you want to risk an account ban or having your account hacked, go right ahead. I could go on. But it seems like 2016 was the year they started to distance themselves from the social part of the game. 

I hope 2017 is a better year. Merry Christmas everyone. Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, Happpy Festivus, or what every holiday you may celebrate this time of your. Hopefully 2017 become the year that people identify as being a human being. 

I will make you a deal Warcraft. You keep trying to improve, trying to make a great game, to make people thrilled to play, to not bend to pressure from people to accommodate life’s reality into a fantasy game. And I will


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