I don’t enjoy the puzzle games

The Kirin’Tor world quest puzzle games.  Thank goodness they are not a required faction for anything important.  Because I have had enough of them.  The riding to get ley points is fine.  The bubbles? Ok, I can manage to get that one in a try or two.  But the rest?  No thank you.  The latest I found trying to find the barrel of brew?  I gave a shot.  And then I walked away. Have me go kill 30 things for their eyeballs, collect 20 things off the ground.  But these?  They are to me, trial testing of mini app games that may find their way to tablet features in the future.  Just a hunch.

I am even struggling to get motivated for the final 800k Artifact power I need to gather for my last point.  And knowing that soon there will be more?  That ship has sailed for me for future grinding of content over and over.  Hope 2017 has something new to offer.  If its just more world quests on another world?  I better reinforce my desk for when my head hits it over and over.  The idea behind world quests seemed interesting.  But the problem is they never end.  There is no way to ever complete them all.


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