Does WoW need a major change. 

I’ve seen a lot of comments alluding to us doing basically the same thing year after year. Level, Dungeon,Raid. Sure there have been tweaks and adjustments to what we do at max level, but at its core it is the same formula year after year. 

Sure it’s worked for many expansions. But after 7? At what point does it become boring repetition. The idea of World quests instead of reputation grinds  was not a bad idea. But it has a life expectancy. At some point people will be exhausted of doing the same over and over. I find myself sitting on a day off watching television, not even thinking about logging in to do a few Artifact Power quest, why?  Because soon finishing it will be extended even further. Part of what worked in the past was that at some point you could check off something as done. The crazy Meta achievements are what you tackled in the down time. Except now there really is no down time. People are starting to bank Artifact Power so when 7.1.5 drops they can get a jump on new powers. There is the back story I talked about not knowing if putting it aside will hold me back. Do I focus and grind out 30 Emerald Nightmare bosses? Do I run 53 more dungeons?  Or will I wait for them to drop in a catch up. Personally from years of playing I know, they will add in something. A higher drop rate of things, or they will add to the mission table. 

There seems to be a great deal of focus on the Dungeons and 5 man content. But that ends up fragmentin people more when 5 become an exclusive team. Maybe it’s the direction they want to go, no more guilds, no more raids, just content that can be accomplished in a 5 player team. And if you are good enough?  Then you may want to give eSports a try. Maybe the success of Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm are shaping WoW. The shoe on the other foot. Personally I feel that if they ventured down that path, tried to make Warcraft more of a competitive game, they might gain some players, but they would probably loose so many more. Unless of course they had things you could do all by yourself, or with a friend. 

Who knows what comes after 2017. I think they have an idea what they want to do, the question is, will we still be here to see it. 


2 thoughts on “Does WoW need a major change. 

  1. Good commentary. I think several things: one, don’t stockpile your AP, the Devs even suggested a refund (not positive on that).
    And, really, WoW is more than a game you play like those shoot ’em ups; it is kind of a lifestyle, which, in general can attract more mature players who are invested in the long haul instead of the latest fad. And two, you are spot on, they will do catch-ups like the Frozen Halls leading into ICC, the final raid in WotLK — everyone should get to play, the investment we put in now is to keep us on the front edge of the wave.

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    1. I’m about 50% to my final point. I could probably get it in a day. But then what. I could farm world quests for gear to disenchant but I’m not looking to corner the market on mats. I think you have it right. I am here for the long game. Rushing to finish just gets you burned out. There’s plenty I can do. But the feeling it will never end is there.

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