Do you feel like you matter to Blizzard. 

In all honesty?  No I don’t. And I really don’t expect they have an inkling of who I am. I am an account number in a computer accounting ledger. I can make comments about difficulties I am having, I could suggest an idea that could make them billions of dollars, and it would go unnoticed. I am not some world ranked player, I am not some famous YouTube personality, Twitch streamer, or blogger for that matter. I only have one follower and that’s me. Yes there are a few people that do read the nonsense I sometimes write, and I appreciate every person that takes time to read, and comments are a highlight to my day. 

I tried yesterday to read a discussion on changes in 7.1.5, and the whole discussion was so beyond my scope of knowledge that I closed my browser and went to watch some movie on TV. I cannot do the current Surrender to Madness complex rotation everyone says is so powerful it is a must take. It’s clunky, and certainly unforgiving if you make a mistake. If you have input lag, your done quickly. So I thought maybe they would tweak that a bit, and buff up the other talents. But no. They are experimenting in removing a spell that I have used all the time in 7 years of playing. And the replacement idea?  Makes it sound so much more complex, and dangerous to do in areas you may accidentally tag an enemy faction player, that I just want to ignore the current game. Every few days I see PTR notes on MMO-Champion, for just about all of the classes. Priests?  You rarely see anything. I suspect because they are trying to make them something different. To give them a class identity. But all they keep doing is stripping away things that are old and cannon to the class, and adding things in that make no sense, are quickly found ways to make them do complex and over powered to the elite players, and the rest of us suffer when we can’t figure it out. I should not need an add on program and weak auras to tell me how to play because the rotations to maintain are so complex, that only a few hundred in the world can even grasp why they work. 

I found that one class, that one spec that captured and held me. I have an alt Priest with the exact same build, but I don’t play him, because he is different. I have all of my focus on trying to be the best I can on one character that I have made my own. I have managed to always figure out some way to play with the changes. But I always understood the basics of the changes. When things are so complex that they make no sense?  I am beyond flipping a table. I will just read what the spells do, and try to figure out how to do it. Because the people that use to be around that used terms average players understood, are all gone now. When you read comments from respected players that you understood, saying the class has been gutted, that they have redesigned to be so complex not many will be able to play well. What do you do?  I can go fishing. I can farm World Quests, and do old content. I won’t raid because I will not get carried with my low numbers. I won’t run Mythic dungeons when people are commenting about how bad they did only pulling 400k DPS, when I can barely break 200k standing still. No they are pushing the game  towards a competitive arena, and people like me will just be tossed minor things to occupy our time. If you want it bad enough, get gud. If not?  Go stand over there doing what ever you feel like. The professionals will be over here. And if you really want that rare mount?  You can go to the shop and buy a few hundred k gold, and pay them to carry you through. While the snicker and laugh at how bad you are as a player. 

I’ve accepted that I’m just not any good. That I really don’t matter at all in design. I would like to think I do, but I know deep down that I don’t. And one day hopefully years from now, I will just log out and my account will go dark. There may be a few people that will notice I’m gone. But I will fade from memory. Just some old guy that played one character, and tried to write about stuff. 


One thought on “Do you feel like you matter to Blizzard. 

  1. Who was that masked man?
    I had a strong-headed boss one time. I learned to make suggestions early in the design cycle surely to see them rejected. Then, a few weeks later, she came up with this new great idea (mine, in new language) thinking that it was hers. I got what I wanted!
    Even when you think that you are over-looked, that single strong comment can re-surface in new ways; like planting a seed if you’ll excuse the metaphor. Soldier on, my friend.

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