First crafting profession to 800

Thanks to Darkmoon Faire I got my Tailoring to 800, and finally got to learn my Bloodtotem Saddle Blanket recipe. Which appears to do absolutely nothing. I do not see a graphic of a blanket on my mount, it does not seem to make my ride any smoother. I’m wondering what was the whole point of it. But hey as a Tailor it lasts 8 hours.


Yay 🙄
Next I need to get 8 more points for Enchanting, and that won’t be happening soon. I made 8 yellow recipes yesterday and went up 1 point, after the 5 at Darkmoon many are green now.

But professions have meaning?

In other news for day 1 of 2017, got what I thought was my last needed point for my weapon, only to see I need 1.635 million AP. Well I had a brief moment of excitement when I saw the achievement. But that was dashed quickly. I hope they really think about the new abilities and the effort to raise them. Because I don’t see people doing World quests for a year or more. Even if we are on another planet. And I am a bit gun shy about that. We all remember the last time we went someplace else.


2 thoughts on “First crafting profession to 800

  1. Yeah, I’m working on my 25th and last AK research. Maybe we can idle on WQ and Resources and AP for a while. That’d be nice to not have feel like you have to keep grinding up. If the up-changes to our Artifact are not until 7.2 then we have several months.

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