I will never complain about the Priest Hall….ever


The Priest hall is sterile and dull and boring.  Exactly what you would expect from a bunch of priests.  It serves a purpose.  I guess it has some flavor and style to it.  But it is matter of fact.  You come in, the mission table is right in front of you, artifact weapon straight ahead on a raised dais, healing to the right, shadow to the left.  Not a ton of NPC’s running about.  It serves it’s purpose.  I have seen the Shaman Maelstrom hall, that looks a bit confusing to me, but not too bad, the Paladin Hall is very interesting, but still makes some sense, I have only seen one other.  Last night I did the Warlock chain to unlock the hall, just for something different to do besides Artifact Power collection.  All I can say is someone must either love the Warlock class and went full on balls out designing it, or they really hate them.  The place is huge, why you enter it from the Dalaran sewers is beyond me, but it is what it is.  And I was completely lost to a point I just wanted out.  Once I was out?  I won’t be playing that Alt this expansion.


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