Growing up is hurd

We all have been here.



We all wish we could forever stay home, drink milk, eat cookies, and sit in our blanket fort with a coloring book, or play games.  At some point in our lives we have to face the hard reality that we have to be an adult.


Ok, that’s not fair to all teenagers.  I have seen many that are more adult than many adults I know.


We are getting older, we are no longer in High School, College, Grad School.  We have full time jobs, we are married, have kids, pets, homes, mortgages, car payments, health insurance, bills, bills and more bills.  Life is tough.  I ran across this the other day.


And I recall one evening bowling with my Nephew who was 16 at the time.  He asked how much money I made doing my job.  I told him and seeing the look on his face, he thought I must have been a millionaire.  Wow.  That is a lot of money.  So I asked him, when you graduate High School, what would you like.  Do you want an apartment? A car?  Cell Phone? Cable TV with premium channels? Internet access? Plan on going out to clubs with your friends on a Saturday night? Yes, Yes, yes, etc.  So we sat there with a calculator.  We added up what it would cost for that lifestyle per month.  We came up with him needing to make over $20 an hour to afford the lifestyle he wanted.  And then I pointed out that he had not allowed for having to have health insurance, did not allow for money to eat food, and did not allow for his taxes.  The end result of the conversation was “I better do well in High School so I can get a good college education”  He graduated top of his class, and is now in grad school to be a pharmacist, and will be making the kind of money he needs to make to live the life he wants.

Growing up is hard work.  You have to make sacrifices every day.  Do you skip buying that cup of coffee so you have money for gas to go to work.  Do you have spaghetti for the 3rd time this week because your rent is due.  It all plays into making choices about how we find the time to do what we want when we play our games.  That we have the time and finances to play games at night is way up there as a first world problem. I would love to be able to play for 6-7 hours a day, to play the most difficult content there is, to be some special snowflake that everyone feels Blizzard caters too.  The hard reality is I am an adult.  I may grumble about not having the time to do things in game.  I could make the time certainly, but things like house cleaning, laundry, cutting the grass, maintaining the house, all those real world adult things have to come first.  And it is not fair of me to expect Blizzard to design a game around me.  I play what I can.  I do what I want to.  I may feel compelled to work towards the timeline and goals they have laid out, so that occasionally I can do things with friends in game. But I am the only thing preventing me from doing more.  Because deep down, I’m an adult, look at me adulting all over the place.  But secretly I want to spend the day in my blanket fort watching old movies and playing with the cats.


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