I try

I try to stay on one side of a line I have drawn in the sand if you will. There are some days I can handle and support folks having real life issues. There are days I cannot. And it pains me to not be able to help everyone, to support all of the worthy causes, to help people financially in trouble. I have a lot on my plate personally that I never talk about. I am here to talk about World of Warcraft, even read your thoughts about other games. I read a lot. If you think I may comment on a lot of things, it’s maybe 10% of what I read. As much as I would love to be close friends with everyone, I know I can’t. And it is not something as simple as I will be friendly with this person, and less with these others.

I hope everyone understands. I read what you write. I sometimes comment, mostly I fav ⭐️. If you feel I am not being more it’s because it’s what I need to do to protect my own sanity. Because if I could I would help as many as possible. Probably more than would be healthy.

I keep trying, every day.  But there may be a day where I just stop.  I hope it never happens, but there are days when I feel like because I am not being more to people, that I am just an afterthought.


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