To Cow King, or not to Cow King, that is the….

Oh who am I kidding. 



Yes of course I killed him on Wednesday. While the rest of the guild was clearing Emerald Nightmare Heroic, I spent an hour trying to get a Treasure Goblin, and a portal. So tonight I tried to help the Mrs get hers. 7 goblins spawned. 7 escaped. Eventually there were only 4 people in the sewers. And I suspect some phasing shenanigans was in play. There were times grouped up we were standing side by side but could not see each other, dropping group and reforming solved that issue. Times I saw rare markers but none were there. Treasure Goblin corpes appeared out of no where. But we did get it. And I went to loot theCow King for the extra Tomes of Town portal. But I could not loot the body. So I killed him again, and again. Because what I had seen posted from the Shrine of WoWhead was that you could loot him once a day. But a look on the forums said no, you looted the goblins to get them. So I helped kill some more, and all that came up was a portal. 

I was online for near 3 hours trying. With no luck. So I say no no more. And the micro events?  I may not bother if they are as vague with information with them as they have been with the Diablo event. 


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