Nothing to see here


In 24 hours we will be in server Maintenance, probably a prolonged one considering it is a fairly major patch. But this is troubling.  I get it, we had a set of major holidays, I do not expect the folks at Blizzard to spend time away from their families at the end of the year.  Honestly I think if they had thought ahead, they probably should have set the release for a few weeks later in the month, however, what this does seem to show is that there is some form of release timeline they are trying to adhere too. They have never shied away from the we will release it when it’s ready.  I doubt the micro holidays are all that critical to the the overall expansion progress.


Whether they are ready or not, tomorrow will have folks chomping at the bit looking to get into the new raid asap, looking to work on something new.  All I know from my perspective is there are some major sweeping changes to my talent choices, and I have yet to find any kind of guide that has worked out what the new changes will mean, except the people complaining that the current is getting nerfed.

I wonder too if the delay in patch notes is due to no more CoffeeBird, @Kithrak_ you are missed.


3 thoughts on “Nothing to see here

  1. It is odd, I don’t see the micro-holidays in our in-game calendar. I didn’t see the Diablo anniversary either. I hope THAT gets fixed with the patch too.
    I’m very restless about the guides that we are encouraged to depend upon. Will I be changing my gems and enchants or not? I could be planning, y’know.

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    1. If the talent change ups are as big as they seem to be from what little discussion I’ve seen, then I expect it will take me a week or more to relearn how to play. I’m not worried with gems and enchants. I expect I will be getting higher pieces of gear with new content.

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