ohh tough choices


Some seem obvious, but this choice has me trying to decide which I would prefer.  If I go Mindbender I still have the good old Shadowfiend I believe, but then the question is do I take Misery to automatically apply Shadow Word Pain to targets by casting Vampiric Touch.  Which would also enable my AoE from Mind Flay.  I think it may depend on the cast time involved, and exactly how much threat do I really want to pull.  The nice thing about Mind Sear was you knew what you were using it for, a big radius AoE.  In Suramar city, it was not something you ever used.  Certainly not in any content that is current.  I don’t see these new changes as being 100% absolute you should take this.  I see some things that could get you killed if not careful.  Definitely will have to try and see which is more in tune with how I prefer to play.


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