Farewell Swirling Void potion

Another casualty of patch 7.1.5, which also was not included in the patch notes, was the Swirling Void Potion. This was one of 4 random potions Shadowpriests could get in their Class Hall once a day. You could only have one on you. Previously you drank it, and the world got very dark indeed. You sprouted tentacles from your body, there were some cool graphics, and once you started building up Haste from Void Form, it never went away for 10 minutes. There were times I had over 160% Haste. It was glorious. Nothing could stand in your way. I soloed 3 man content in Suramar city using it. 110 elite with 22 million health? Yawn. Pull entire areas and destroy them all. It was a fun perk. You held on to it for those rare times you needed God Mode. But once the 10 minutes was up, it faded away.

Apparently as part of the sweeping changes, this was a casualty also. It now generates 10 Insanity a second for 10 minutes. Which places it into a why bother category.

I am sure there are other things folks had in their Class Halls that got an unannounced change. But it is still obvious. The patch notes are far from complete.

I do appreciate the irony. Last night reading the Priest forums it was mentioned, “Who want’s to create a Twitter account so we can let them know about issues, and yet the consensus on Twitter seems to be, post your issues on the Forums.  I have a feeling they are going to be struggling to keep up with all of the issues with unannounced changes, like the Level 35 PvP thing.  I’m just going along doing what I can.  Someone will figure it all out and come up with a plan.  If not?  Maybe we will see all new class changes for 7.2.


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