I’m still just ok

Went and made the changes due to yesterday’s fixes, went out and did 10 world quests towards the weekly, played around with Shadow Crash, which is decent if you pull a bunch in close, but frustrating as hell doing at range. Invariably the target will move before the slow moving missle hits. And I’m not a fan of placing an AoE circle on the ground. 

All in all, I feel about the same. Good enough to do stuff in the world, good enough for Normal everything, and I guess Heroic Dungeons. And that’s about it. 

All the talk is complaints about how BiS Legendary’s are not working the same. Oh boo hoo. I am still just average. I don’t feel all that powerful or great. But I know that we still have a long way to go, still have Tier gear coming. Hopefully I will improve. If not?  I have time to just relax and go what ever I feel like. I’m strong enough to make things die if I need to. I am still closing in on exalted everything. Still have lots I can do. 

It just feels average right now. 


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