When is putting in the work, becoming a job. 


I briefly read a conversation about people not wanting to put in the work. People want instant gratification. And to some extent I do agree. There are those that want their cake, and ice cream, with peanut butter cups one it. And sprinkles. And a cherry. And extra whipped cream. Why isn’t it ready NAO!!!

But there is a point you do reach when you have been running the same old world quests over and over, you are into your 2nd or 3rd time around killing world bosses, you have done the quest chains on a 3rd alt, that it no longer becomes an activity, or playing a game for fun, but actual bonifide work. You log in every day, check your missions table, send out new missions, put in work orders for henchmen, go visit Nomi for your burned food yet again, see what quest may be in town, then off into the world.

And that is what frustrates people. When something they do to have fun becomes a job. Not having to do the work, but doing the work over and over, with no expectation of it ever finishing. There is no quest out the zone, no end to collecting Artifact Power. It’s an endless cycle.


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