I don’t talk much about politics. 

I ran across this blog post.

All I can say is


This sums up the sentiment of so many people I know. It is troubling to see people we know express opinions about how wrong all of this is, that those Americans that did vote for him are stupid, what have you done, why.  I guess the question so many that did make the choice really want to ask, but are afraid to, is why wouldn’t you.  They do not live your life, do not know what circumstances pushed you to making a really difficult choice, because we were heading for the end.  And I have to ask of all the non-American folks that may read this.  If we did fall, if America did finally go down in a ball of flames, after all the cheering because we finally did implode, would you be there to help bail us out of ruin?  Or would there even be much left to the world economy after world markets plunged into chaos.


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