Oh yay!! A nerf after only a few days. 

Sigh. Well thought I was doing a bit better. A lot lower than a Druid in guild hitting 700k on multiple targets. I was happy being close to 500k on a prolonged test on multiple dummies. Ah well. Gotta keep balance at the extreme top. Can’t have any one class doing better than another right?  So I see Sims from the top theory crafters saying in Mythic Tier sets with 12000 Haste, both things I will never see in my lifetime, are coming in at 604,000 DPS instead of 624,000. A mear 20,000 DPS drop. So why would you bring a Shadowpriest in top tier raid gear, when you can bring a Druid in Heroic gear from current content that can do over 700,000. 

Kind of sealed the deal for me then. A single run of Nighthold LFR it is. All of the gear may be a bit higher than a few pieces I have. But so much Versatility. And the tier set bonus. Lol. The world will do for now. Maybe 7.2 will be more exciting and have a compelling reason to go. Killing Guldan?  Think the bad guy escaping and being dealt with in a subsequent expansion is not a great plot device. Going to be interesting to see how far I actually get with the story this expansion. Because right now Illidan is stuck behind collecting 53 more things from Dungeons I really don’t want to run. 

I get that people are unhappy. I’m not happy. I was frustrated and felt like I would never do much in Legion. For a few brief days, I actually felt like I might be ok. Now?  It’s a Saturday night, and I’m watching TV with the cats instead of being logged in. In the past couple of months there have been many days like this where I just don’t want to play. Some may say, suck it up, play with what’s there or don’t. Or go find another game. At this point in my life, I have 7 years in this game I play for fun. I still enjoy doing what old stuff I can by myself, but the value of playing the new is getting mighty thin. 


2 thoughts on “Oh yay!! A nerf after only a few days. 

  1. I’ve well and truly come to the conclusion that old content can keep my attention far far longer than new content can. I can and will happily run old dgns and level new toons through zones I haven’t seen for years over and over but there always comes a point that as much as I want to raid current content, the allure of old content becomes stronger and I start to fret for “me time” to play around with when I’m meant to be raiding.

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    1. We all need some time to ourselves. I love wandering around old dungeons and raids just looking at the work put in to create them. We all rush through so fast, so much is missed.


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