Should 3rd party sites be promoted on the Official forums

I have been reading quite a bit in the Priest forums, a place where players are supposed to be able to go to get help and information about class changes and ideas about playing.  All I see on a daily basis is references to MMO-Champion, Icy-Veins, HowToPriest, WoWhead and others.  Is it right for Blizzard to allow players, and I have even seen MVP ranked people steering players to 3rd party sites.

What are your thoughts. Is it doing more harm than good directing people to 3rd party sites, especially when some are recommending completely different information.

I use to visit Shadowpriest dot com. At the time we had that site, WoW’s forums, MMO Champion, Elitist Jerks, probably a few others. And I too would tell people go here for help. When that site closed, and H2P took its place, I even suggested going there. But I have found that the information given, really does not apply to me. I am not rolling through Mythic +12, or Mythic raids, I am no where near Haste break points, will see 4pc Mythic tier sets, or Best in Slot gear. So I turn to the forums. To see if I can piece together what I need to do.

Why isn’t there a developer at Blizzard assigned to the class forums that can answer questions, that understands what people are saying, and has the knowledge to diffuse threads that spiral out of control because people are not adequately informed.

A look at the stickies for the Priest forums has just 1. A guide for Disc Priests, and even that recommends people look at their YouTube channel, or to visit the H2P Discord. I know everyone says the Discord is free, YouTube is free, why complain. Someone is making some money off you visiting other places besides WoW.  Either they get money for clicks, for subscribers, advertising, someone is making a dime off of you.  And in the end it may not even be the most current or correct information.  And when it isn’t?  People come back to the forums to complain about it.


3 thoughts on “Should 3rd party sites be promoted on the Official forums

  1. I don’t like that Blizz (on their loading screens) point us to 3rd party sites because those sites can be way behind. The worse was WoD when every site had mountains of data-mined info on how to get the Legendary ring but once we got it, WoW subs were so down that few people were adding info on how to actually use your ring. That was the worse ever.
    I’m super happy to use the Simulate! feature at Ask Mr Robot so I can see MY character and I can re-set Talents and see which offer the highest DPS (for example) and I feel confident that I’m moving in the right direction. It makes me feel independent from those Guides.
    Finally, I’m bummed that lame Twitter is the end game for social media and we don’t have a powerful blogging community anymore since everyone wants to ride the trending wave. Twitter is weaksauce.

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    1. I use to follow a lot of class bloggers, they all went to the big sites, or started streaming. I will always prefer the written word.

      I left Twitter awhile ago for a few reasons. But I am happy that a few people read this nonsense I write.


      1. Or they stopped writing about WoW or stopped writing. Many of the active bloggers I followed back in the day – might have been yours too! – and who are still playing do so in a very much limited capacity. Either they have changed, the game has changed (duh), or both. I think both. I actually started a post about this awhile ago and never finished it.

        As for class guides, I rarely check anything anymore. I choose what sounds fun and best fits my concept for the character I’m playing. What about Blizzard Watch (formerly WoWInsider)?

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