When you’re asked to step out. 

Last night our raid leader had a talk with my wife and informed her she was not a part of the raid team. He made some comments about performance and healing numbers. They keep logs on the raids. And I suspect it was more to do with lack of people than anything specific. If you cannot consistently get near 20 you don’t need more than 3 healers, so they probably looked at who were the strongest. He made mention of logs to see where she could improve, and she told him that many times she has asked for someone to sit with her in vent to explain them. Because honestly?  I don’t even have a clue what I’m looking at. Is she competing against a Druid healer that is keeping everyone topped off?  Is it a fight that has a lot of movement?  I don’t understand them at all. I use to be able to read my Priest DPS logs years ago, but now it’s all charts and graphs and comparisons to everyone in similar gear. She mentioned to him that she has asked several times if someone could help her, or explain what a lot of the changes mean. And normally it’s crickets. There are days I wonder if the game should honestly have raiding as end game. 

They ran Heroic ToV for the first time and she was top heals the first fight. I don’t know how the second went, I logged out prior. Everything gets shaken up again on Tuesday so no idea what that may mean. I’m sure we will probably take a few nights off. What’s the point. I’m not needed for anything really. She might get called in if enough people show. We both rebuilt this guild from deaths door. We have years invested in its success. But now I wonder if we did it too well. 


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